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10 original colors Unicorn SPiT

If you are browsing this page you are looking for posts directly related to all things Unicorn SPiT.  This is where you will find inspiration, tips, tutorials, ect. about this amazing new product.

Unicorn SPiT is a revolutionary new gel stain/paint/glaze that has vibrant colors, is non-toxic, jasmine scented and water based. Unicorn SPiT is extremely versatile and very forgiving of mistakes. I will do my best to cover as much as I can about Unicorn SPiT but if you have questions be sure to comment below or on any of the posts.

Browse all the information under this tab then go to my products page when you are ready to get started having fun with Unicorn SPiT. I am confident you will get as addicted to this stuff as I am.

My Creative Table is an official independent retailer of Unicorn Spit. I pride myself in great customer satisfaction. You will get a personal touch with each order. Each order is personally packed and inspected by me.  I only stock items I personally use and love