Step by Step tutorial on How to Paint a Flower

How to Paint a Flower – Step by Step Tutorial

How to Paint a Flower Have you ever wanted to know how to paint a flower or any other object but felt like you aren’t talented enough? Do you have a hint of jealousy towards artists that can paint? In truth, you don’t have to be a master artist with any […]

Epoxy Canvas Cover for Your Canvas or Small Artwork

How to Make and Epoxy Canvas Cover In this tutorial I will show you a simple Epoxy Canvas Cover. I my current art state I am doing a lot of canvas art with Unicorn Spit and then pouring epoxy over it to seal the project. If you are new to […]

epoxy pour with Unicorn Spit

Epoxy Pour with Unicorn SPiT

How to Create an Epoxy Pour on a Canvas with Unicorn SPiT I came across an epoxy pour tutorial the other day on YouTube that used acrylics and inks. I thought to my self that Unicorn SPiT would probably work. So down to the basement I went with my 11×14 […]

10 original colors Unicorn SPiT

How to use Unicorn SPiT

How to use Unicorn SPiT Basic Directions on how to use Unicorn SPiT: Prepare your project. Make sure it is clean of debris, chipped paint, waxes or oils. If project was previously sealed with an oil based sealer- sand down to bare wood or sand lightly and use a primer or […]