Epoxy Pour with Unicorn SPiT

How to Create an Epoxy Pour on a Canvas with Unicorn SPiT

I came across an epoxy pour tutorial the other day on YouTube that used acrylics and inks. I thought to my self that Unicorn SPiT would probably work. So down to the basement I went with my 11×14 practice canvas and my Unicorn SPiT.  I am so in love with this technique! The fun thing about an epoxy pour is that you can use the same colors 10 times in the same general pattern and every single one will be completely unique.

Whilst this is a really cool technique it is extremely messy so be extra careful to protect your surroundings very well.  And be sure to gather all your supplies before you start.

Epoxy Pour with Unicorn Spit

Epoxy Pour with Unicorn Spit

 Supplies for your epoxy pour with Unicorn SPiT:

  • canvas (your choice of size)
  • masking tape
  • disposable rubber gloves
  • epoxy (and supplies: cups and stirring stick)
  • timer or watch
  • unicorn spit (pick 3 -5 colors)
  • glitter (optional)
  • small disposable plastic cups -same # as the colors of Unicorn SPiT you are using
  • plastic liner
  • newspaper
  • blow torch or heat gun
  • something to cover your canvas while it dries to keep dust and debris from falling on it


1st and foremost protect your area.  Epoxy is not forgiving. Put plastic down then newspaper…expect to trough the newspaper away when your epoxy pour has dried.

Prep your canvas- Line the back edge of your canvas with a couple of layers of masking tape. This helps to keep a clean back edge once the epoxy is dry.  I also like to place thin sticks (like paint stirrers) across the back to keep the canvas from sagging with the weight of the epoxy. Have something sturdy to set your canvas on so that it is not sitting directly on the table. I like to use plastic cups…the epoxy is likely going to puddle around the bottom so do use something you expect to keep.

Put your rubber gloves on

Mix your epoxy according to the brand’s directions…you must follow the directions exactly. The amount really depends on the size of your canvas. For my 16-20 inch canvas I used 2/3 of a quart epoxy.

Epoxy Pour on canvas

Pour small amounts in each of the small plastic cups. If you want a particular color to more prominent pour more in that cup.

Add several drops to a teaspoon of Unicorn SPiT. This really depends how big your canvas is and how opaque or translucent you want the colors to be. Stir gently.

Add Unicorn SPiT to epoxy

Now the fun begins!

Start pouring your colored epoxies across your canvas. You can be somewhat haphazard or try to create a pattern. The main thing is  you want to make sure to pour enough epoxy to cover most of the canvas.  Let it run over the sides.

Zia Teal Unicorn Spit in epoxy

Zia Teal Unicorn Spit in epoxy

Once you have emptied your colored epoxy cups take a spoon or spatula to add wisps, blend and cover any bare spots. You can also lift one side of the canvas to move the colors around or just leave it alone and see what it does on it’s own. Use a gloved hand to smear epoxy on the sides of the canvas.  You can use any that has dripped onto your newspaper to do this.

Now sprinkle some glitter (if you choose to) in some areas of your artwork.  Personally I like to add just a few sparkly areas vs the entire piece.

In conclusion, take either a torch or a heat gun to run across the surface to remove bubbles that form in the epoxy and then repeat this again in about 15-20 minutes.

epoxy pour with Unicorn Spit

Removing air bubble on epoxy pour

Now, cover and let sit until it is dry to the touch. Check this simple tutorial.


Unicorn Spit Epoxy Pour Finished Canvas

Unicorn Spit Epoxy Pour Finished 16×20 Canvas

This is one of the most magical techniques in art I have seen.  Furthermore, I think you will agree with me when you see how it looks after you finish pouring compared to when it is completely dry.

Let me know in the comments below what you think or if you have any questions.

Here are a few other finished canvases I did with the epoxy pour.







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