How to use Unicorn SPiT

How to use Unicorn SPiT

10 original colors Unicorn SPiT

Basic Directions on how to use Unicorn SPiT:
  • Prepare your project. Make sure it is clean of debris, chipped paint, waxes or oils.
    • If project was previously sealed with an oil based sealer- sand down to bare wood or sand lightly and use a primer or chalk paint prior to applying Unicorn SPiT.
    • Glass- use rubbing alcohol to remove oils. It is recommended to use either ModPodge or a spray paint as a base under the Unicorn SPiT. Note: Some Artist/Crafters have had success using the Unicorn SPiT without a base application. 
  • You can use Unicorn SPiT full strength or dilute up to 65%. The more you dilute it the less vibrant the finished color.
  • Options for diluting: you can use a clean reseal able container to premix, which creates a stain and absorbs in to a porous surface more readily; or apply the Unicorn SPiT full strength to your project then mist with water, which thins out the Unicorn SPiT to obtain movement.
  • Unicorn SPiT™ dries quickly. You can use a spray bottle of water to keep your Unicorn SPiT™ from drying out and able to be manipulated while on the surface. You can also use multiple colors at one time and blend colors or lines together.
  • Allow to dry. When Unicorn SPiT  is wet it is very shiny and bright colors but it will dry to a very dull tone. Have no fear…this is normal!
    • Use a Scotch Bright Pad lightly (if desired) following the grain to to lightly buff the surface removing any excess or clumps.
    • Dust off thoroughly
    • VERY IMPORTANT STEP!- Seal with any OIL BASED SEALER. The more coats of sealer you use, the better it will look. High Gloss Sealers will help you achieve a THREE DIMENSIONAL look. Sealer options:
      • Polyurethane
      • epoxy
      • lacquer
      • tung oil (may darken final project)
      • shellac
      • marine grade varnish or epoxy
      • spray finishers
      • fabric you can use “never wet”
      • hemp wax
      • and more…as long as it is not water based it will seal
    • Additional tips, techniques and ideas:
      • Use on metal, wood, glass, laminate, fabric, concrete, canvas…The possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to try different things.
      • If you are unhappy with the outcome of your project you can simply wash it off with water prior to sealing and start over. Unicorn SPiT is very forgiving. (the exception to this is fabric or very porous items will still have a remnant of color left after washing off).
      • Can be used on indoor and outdoor project…just use the appropriate sealer according to your project
      • Be creative with using other products with Unicorn SPiT…chalk paint, metallic, mice powders, textures, and other additives…again the possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to try different things.


        Enjoy!! I can’t wait to see your finished projects!

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