Classic Deviled Eggs with a Twist!

Classic Deviled Eggs with a Twist

Do you love classic deviled eggs like I do? Deviled Eggs are a great appetizer for any party or gathering.  Not to toot my horn too much, but I must admit that my classic deviled eggs are amazing!  You just have to try them to know what I am talking about. When my whole family gets together I am not even allowed to attend unless I have my deviled eggs (ok maybe that is just a little exaggerated), but I can say that my family loves them A LOT!

classic deviled eggs

Great Tasting Classic Deviled Eggs

I have this recipe that I have made for years…even before the internet. I honestly don’t know if I got it from a recipe book or if I just started switching up the ingredients to get what I have now….I’d like to believe the later, though! I have searched Pinterest and websites but have never come across this recipe for classic deviled eggs, although some were similar.  I really think the key is the specific brands I use in my recipe. I really do think my recipe is a bit of an original (not guaranteed, however)! Well, in actuality I know it is, because (except for this tutorial) I never measure my ingredients…It took a little time and experimenting to get the measurements just right for you.

I am not a paid affiliate of any of these brands.  I simply use these brands because they make my deviled eggs taste as awesome as awesome can be!

I also have a way of making my eggs so they peel nearly flawlessly.  I would give it a 98% success to other methods I have tried. Every once in a while I will have a rogue egg that is just stubborn and won’t peel right, but it is rare.

Here is what you are waiting for….how you make these totally, incredibly, out of this world deviled eggs!


18 raw large eggs

1 cup Kraft Miracle Whip Light (not Mayonnaise) (“The Twist” of the recipe)

1/8 cup Dijon Mustard

1/8 cup sweet pickle juice (not the pickles)

Paprika (optional- just for looks)


The key to a flawless peel is all in how you boil the eggs!

Start with a Stainless Steel pot large enough to completely cover 18 eggs. Fill the pot about 1/4 full with COLD water. Gently place eggs into the water filled pot. Add 2 Tablespoons of vegetable oil to the water.  Fill the pot with more cold water until all eggs are completely covered. Place pot on stove on high temp. Watch closely. Once the water comes to a boil set a timer for 20 minutes. When timer goes off remove eggs from heat but do not dump water. Allow eggs to cool for 30 minutes. Run cold water over eggs until they are cool enough to refrigerate. Personally I like them to sit over night in the fridge but at least several hours to be completely cooled to the center of the egg.

Classic Deviled Eggs

Incredible Tasting Classic Deviled Eggs

Peel the eggs so no shell is left.  As you are peeling the eggs try to get the thin skin just under the shell. You’ll know you have it if the egg is slimy and shiny. Have a small bowl of water handy while peeling the eggs. Dip the egg into the bowl of water to remove any extra shell left on the egg.

Cut eggs in half lengthwise.  Put yolk in a medium size bowl. Put egg whites on your serving platter.

Smash your egg yolks with either a fork or a potato masher so that all the yolk is crumbled into small chunks.

Add remaining ingredients (except Paprika). Use a hand mixer on low to blend all ingredients. Increase speed to med/high for about 2 minutes until most of the chunks are gone or very small.

Blending ingredients for Classic Deviled Eggs

Blending ingredients for deviled eggs

To fill the eggs I like to use a pastry bag with a large Open Starred tip to make the eggs decorative. If you don’t have one of these you can just fill a ziplock bag and snip the corner.

Sprinkle Paprika over top of the eggs to add a very pretty finishing touch.  Keep chilled until ready to serve.

Enjoy!  I would love to hear how your  deviled eggs turned out!



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