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DIY Christmas Ornaments – Crazy Gorgeous!

These DIY Christmas ornaments have the glorious beauty of very expensive ornaments but guess what?…I paid a whopping 1.25 per glass ball!!! Ok maybe $1.75 if you want to count the cost of the paint I used, which I already had on hand!

Marbleized Glass Christmas Ornament

Marbleized Glass Christmas Ornaments made with Unicorn SPiT

This little project was the start of my newest craft obsession. I have to say I must place a little blame on a tutorial I discovered on a crafting/home idea website called HomeTalk .  I am always looking for inspiration everywhere for my wine glasses which is how I came across this really cute idea from Zengara Designs.  As I learned more about Unicorn SPiT I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

As beautiful as these colors are I am still needing to figure out the best option for incorporating it to my wine glasses. Unicorn SPiT is non toxic but I still need a sealer that is safe. The sealer is what brings out the magnificent colors (especially if it is oil based). I guess I got off topic a bit here, sorry!…I’ll do another post all about Unicorn SPiT in the near future.

Blank Glass Christmas Ornament

Blank Glass Christmas Ornament

Are you ready to make your own DIY Christmas ornaments? They are so easy…a little messy but really easy! The hardest part is waiting for your project to dry…and that is extremely hard for me, when I am so excited about something.

Time to go shopping to get your supplies if you don’t already have what you need – be sure to use your coupons!-

Here is what you need:

  • plastic drop cloth (don’t forget this— this is a bit of a messy project)
  • news paper (optional – just a little extra protection can’t hurt)
  • plastic grocery bag
  • Blank glass ornaments (craft store)
  • mod podge (craft store)
  • foam brush
  • Unicorn SPiT – colors of your choice
  • polyurethane –
  • paint brush for stain/sealer
  • Create a drying rack ( I used some lollipop sticks held up by clay blobs)

First of all, protect your area with the plastic and newspaper.  Remove the silver hanging pieces from your glass ornaments and set aside (but don’t lose them).

ornament hangers

Remove the silver hanging pieces from your ornament.

Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on your ornaments and let dry on your drying rack.

Mod Podge Painted on Ornaments

Ornaments drying after thin layer of ModPodge

Tick-tock the waiting game is on. Let dry for about 20-30 minutes. And then the fun part starts! Take your plastic grocery bag and cut it in half (across the handles and down the sides and bottom.  Lay it out on your plastic/newspapers.  As haphazardly as you would like drip your chosen  colors of Unicorn SPiT on the plastic.

Unicorn Spit dripped on plastic bag

Be creative with your design.

Time to get messy!

Place your glass ornament on top of the paint and wrap the bag around the ball.  Just smoosh and rub the plastic around the ornament to blend the colors.

Glass Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Roll and smoosh paint around Ball ornament

Wet Unicorn SPiT on Glass Ornament

Painting is complete … now time to wait for it to be dry.

Blending Colors on Ornament

Smoosh and rub color to blend as much or as little as you want.

And here is the really hard part! You can see your creation is going to look awesome but you have to wait to see the “WOW until the stain is dry. To be safe you probably want to wait several hours to maybe even over night.

Unicorn Spit drying

SPiT looks dull as it dries. Just be patient…I know it is hard.

As the SPiT is drying it will look really dull and drab. But fear not, your sealer will bring out the magical finished look.

Wait for it…Wait for it! Kabam! Watch the transformation as you paint on the Poly (make sure it is a thin coat! And Let dry again

Marbleized Glass DIY Christmas Ornaments

Marbleized Glass Christmas Ornaments made with Unicorn SPiT

So, Now that I have taught you how to make these beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments I need  you to do me a favor… SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.  Oh, also if you really like what you see please claim your free downloads just simply by adding your email to my newsletter.

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