Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Have you ever wanted to make an easy DIY Christmas Wreath but thought “there is no way I could make something so beautiful?” Well, let me tell you, I too, never knew how easy peasy it is to make a Wreath!  This wreath shown is my very 1st attempt…and it only took about 30 minutes or so to make.  Not to toot my own horn but I am very impressed with the final result…What do you think?  I know I have a little creative blood in me but this is a project that ANYONE could do!

easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath


Gather your supplies to make your very own easy DIY Christmas Wreath:

  • Poly Mesh (I used the large size) – buy at any craft store, even Walmart or here
  • Wire wreath form (Walmart is cheaper than a craft store unless you have a coupon)
  • pipe cleaners that match your mesh or flexible wire
  • decorations of your choice
  • Hot Glue gun
Prepare wire wreath form

Prep your wire wreath form


  1. Twist your wire on to the wire form at varied distances. I did 3 or 4 per section.
  2. Start twisting the wire around the mesh as you bunch up the mesh.  For the end piece fold it under and incorporate it into the 1st wire so that the ends are not visible on the top part of the finished wreath. Try to bunch up the same amount each time so that it is fairly uniform. You don’t necessarily need to measure each section…just eyeball it.

    Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

    Adding the mesh to the wreath

  3. Keep bunching and twisting until you have made it all the way around.
  4. Now just decorate with your embellishments and hot glue gun…personally I like to do a dry run first then glue.
  5. Viola! You have just made your 1st wreath!
  6. Comment below if you thought this was easy and share this tutorial with your friends.

I have already bought the material for my next wreath…I’m going to try using multiple colored mesh for this one.  I will share once I have completed it.

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