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How to Make and Epoxy Canvas Cover

In this tutorial I will show you a simple Epoxy Canvas Cover. I my current art state I am doing a lot of canvas art with Unicorn Spit and then pouring epoxy over it to seal the project. If you are new to epoxy like I am you probably are trying to figure out a simple solution to covering your epoxy project to help keep that pesky dust and animal fur off your masterpieces!  I think I have come up with a very quick option that seems to be better than the plastic or the rubber made bin lids that I had been using. And very inexpensive!

Epoxy Canvas Cover

Epoxy Canvas Cover

I went to my local Lowes yesterday and found a thin piece of 24″x48″ birch wood and only cost me $8.00. I already had plenty of scrap 2×4’s out in the shed.

Since I am currently doing a lot of canvas art I really only need my cover to be about 6 or 7 inches above the table. So I cut 4 legs out of my scrap 2×4’s about 5 inches. Then I cut two 2×4’s  boards at 30″. I wanted these to be longer than the 24″ width of the birch board…Many of my projects I am letting the epoxy run over the sides so if I have a lot of run over I didn’t want the epoxy to puddle around the feet of my base.








I bet your thinking the same thing I thought…why didn’t I think of that sooner! Yeah it’s not rocket science, right! It is not fancy but it works really well and should be fairly easy to store! I say that as if I plan on putting it away…Putting it away would mean I’m not creating a new canvas! HAHA…That’s not going to happen!

This is one of my Epoxy Poured canvases!

Unicorn Spit Epoxy Pour Finished Canvas

Unicorn Spit Epoxy Pour Finished 16×20 Canvas

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