Epoxy Flow Technique Using Unicorn SPiT 5 comments

Epoxy Flow Technique using Unicorn SPiT

Although I love to change up projects it seems I always come back to the epoxy flow technique using Unicorn SPiT.  One of the things I love about this technique is that it is fun to watch the transformation as the colors blend together while it is drying.

I’ve seen a lot of artist use the dirty pour technique, but I have not had much success with dirty pours. Mine really do come out “dirty” (muddy). However with the epoxy flow technique I have a little more control over where the colors go. Admittedly, it is not a 100% control but enough for me.

I am in the process of creating a video tutorial on the epoxy flow technique which will be launched in the very near future. But until then below is a video of me doing one of my canvas’ using the epoxy flow technique.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and/or follow me on Facebook so that you can be among the first to have access to the tutorial.

image of finished canvas using epoxy flow technique using unicorn spit

I know that this video below isn’t officially a tutorial but I am sure several of you artists will give this technique a shot after watching it. For those of you that do, here are a few tips and cautionary notes:

  • I personally love Famowood because of it’s clarity and minimal air bubbles.
  • If using large canvas’ be sure to add support to the underneath side of the canvas. Epoxy is heavy and will cause sagging.
  • Be sure to follow the mixing instructions of your epoxy exactly! I can’t stress this enough…do not attempt to shortcut the directions!
  • Be sure to protect your surroundings very well.
  • Keep your canvas away from the edge of your table…allow for ample run off of epoxy.



Here are a couple of my other epoxy flow canvas’:

Wall Art using an epoxy flow technique with Unicorn SPiT

I love the multi dimensions that this canvas has.


Abstract Canvas Art

20x20x1.5 Abstract Canvas Art “The Soft Wild”. Epoxy flow technique using Unicorn SPiT.


Abstract Wall Art "Birds of a Feather"

20″x20″ Abstract Wall Art by Karen Neill of My Creative Table- “Birds of a Feather”



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5 thoughts on “Epoxy Flow Technique Using Unicorn SPiT

  • Lynn Walsh

    SO cool. I have only been playing with SPiT for less than a month, but having so much fun. Can you use the Sparklings in the Epoxy? Can you pour this over a finished SPiT project to add another layer or will it cover over what is under?

    • karenneill Post author

      Thanks Lynn…It is such a fun project! I have not used straight sparkling spit but I have added it to the original colors and it works just fine and gives lots of sparkle. I have done this method over other “finished” pieces and it does give another look…The ones I have done were pieces that I wasn’t crazy about so I figured “Why Not”. I think as for the transparency would be based off how much Spit you add to your epoxy.

    • karenneill Post author

      Candy, Absolutely! But before you attempt to do it on furniture I would highly recommend doing some practice pieces 1st. I have a small hutch that I plan on doing this technique on this fall once the crazy summer life settles down. When I do my hutch I will probably do a 2nd clear (not adding color) epoxy pour over the top of the original pour. The reason for this is that the Unicorn spit mixed with the epoxy creates little divots which I wouldn’t want on the furniture so the 2nd pour would smooth it out but leave the character of the original pour in tact.