How to Paint a Flower – Step by Step Tutorial

How to Paint a Flower

Have you ever wanted to know how to paint a flower or any other object but felt like you aren’t talented enough? Do you have a hint of jealousy towards artists that can paint? In truth, you don’t have to be a master artist with any kind of art background to be able to paint beautiful pieces of artwork. Sure, it may not be to the standards of selling your art for hundreds of dollars but you can create simple and gorgeous art to display at your home or give as gifts.

Step by Step tutorial on How to Paint a Flower

A Step by Step Tutorial on How to Paint a Flower. You Don’t have to be a master artist to paint…really you don’t!

You will be really pleased that it really isn’t all that hard to do.  This “how to paint a flower” post is the 1st tutorial in a series of simple things you can paint.

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First of all, gather your materials. Here is what you will need:

  • A canvas (your choice of size)
  • Several colors of Paint (you can use any type of paint you are comfortable with…I used Unicorn SPiT naturally!) Be sure to include white and black
  • Variety of Paint Brushes (1. with a point for finer detailing 2. a couple of sizes for dry brushing)
  • Spray varnish (Since I used Unicorn SPiT I required this but if you are using another paint you may not need this)
  • News paper or plastic to protect your surface
  • Paper plate

Lets get Started…are you ready to paint a flower?

I am using a yellow and pale blue starburst for my background. Make Sure you paint the sides of your canvas in conjunction with the rays.

background for flower tutorial

Background: yellow rays

Adding Zia Teal Rays

Add a center of the flower. Then take a brush with a pointed tip to start adding petals. Add varying tips to the petals…some curved, some straight. Keep the 1st row a little smaller then as you build your petals out ward increase the size.

Start building your painted Flower

On the 2nd row add a slightly larger row of petals. Place this row in between the first row.

Just keep building each row one at a time until you have the size flower you want on your canvas.

3rd row of petals even slightly larger.

Additionally, once you have all the rows of petals you may want to go back through and fill in empty spaces with more petals.

Then the last part of the painting add some accents and shadows to each petal. I used black but you could add grey, white or even a darker/lighter shade of your petals. Be sure to use a very fine tipped brush for this part and don’t have too thick of paint on your brush…you don’t want the lines to look chunky.

Adding creases to the petals using black.

Finally, if you are using Unicorn Spit you will need to seal your project with an oil based sealer. Not only does this protect your work from smudging in the future it is the key to bringing the colors to their brightest.

So, are you ready to paint your own flower…I hope so! And I hope I made this easy for you to follow. I have a huge favor…If this was easy to follow please share this on your social media sites. Consequently, if it was confusing please comment below to tell me what I can do better to improve.


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