Manly Handmade Gift Idea – BBQ Gift Set

Manly Handmade Gift IdeaBBQ Gift Set

I love this “manly handmade gift idea” …in this case I made these BBQ Gift sets for my brother and my brother-in-law.  This masculine gift idea was so easy and a unique way to present an otherwise ordinary gift set.  I made them go from incredibly boring and impersonal to a fun and exciting presentation that now says “Wow!”  They are super easy to make and easy to adjust to your theme and gift set…I chose BBQ Sauce because these 2 guys love to cook. This could also be done with my hand painted wine glasses and a wine bottle too.  For these particular guys gift I really only wanted to have the initial presentation to have the wow factor and I was not looking for a long lasting display item.  I figure since these are all items I want my guys to use on a regular basis all components will be disassembled rather quickly.

Manly handmade gift idea

Great manly handmade gift idea…and it’s easy to do


  • your choice of gift sets
  • A cutting board (preferably with a handle)
  • copper piping (found at your local home improvement store)
  • copper pipe cutter (found at your local home improvement store…near the piping)
  • pliers
  • embellishments and ribbon
  • may need wire to help hold some components together (optional and as needed)
BBQ Gift Set Supply

Items you’ll need for your manly handmade gift idea set

Steps to making your own gift set that will get high praise from the recipient and other guests.

  • start gently shaping the copper pipe around the 1st item.  I started with the bottom of bottle # 1. I gently used my pliers to slightly bend the copper piping. Each bend help to create a sturdy base so that the bottle wouldn’t slip through
soft copper piping for crafts

Using pliers to shape the base of the copper piping

  • I then shaped the pipe around the bottle in a cork screw shape.
Securing copper pipe around bottle

Shaping the copper pipe around the bottle in a cork screw shape

  • At this point you will want to figure out how you want your item to lay on the cutting board and shape the pipe accordingly. How you are going to secure the finished shape should also be decided now before you cut the end of the pipe.
    • How to use a pipe cutter:
      • Turn the knob so that your pipe will fit in the grove

        Prepping to properly cut a copper pipe

        Secure the pipe in groove of pipe cutter

      • tighten the round cutting disc so that it is slightly snug on the pipe (careful with the part as that little disc is very sharp!)
      • Now spin the cutter a full turn and tighten the blade by 1/4 to 1/2 turn…repeat until pipe is cut in half
        • very important: do not tighten the blade to the point of bending the pipe…let the device do the cutting by circling around the pipe
  • You can either go ahead and secure this part to your  board or prep the next pieces
  • Finish with your embellishments

Use caution: The copper piping is very flexible so you do need to use caution as you are molding it around your items…you don’t want to kink it to the point of sharp points. I think there is a tool that you can buy that helps but since I was only looking for an cool first presentation I did not want to spend the money on a special tool…I just used pliers in certain areas and gently bent small sections just slightly to work around the handle of the cutting board and the bottom where the bottles sit. Each one of these designs will need to be created and molded to your specific gift items, so each one will be completely one of a kind designs…isn’t that such a cool gift idea?!

Wow factor gift idea

Gift idea for him. Take a boring gift set and turn it into a Wow Gift

Since I was after a manly handmade gift idea I wanted to keep it masculine.  I finished mine off with just a simple Christmas embellishment and ribbon incorporating the basting brush into the embellishment.

I’d love to hear what you think! Or if you have any questions please let me know by commenting below.

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