Melted Crayon Art Project

Melted Crayon Art

This Melted Crayon Art tutorial is a wonderful art project for young and old alike.  I have wanted to do this DIY abstract art project for a really long time. Finally, today was the day and I am so thrilled with the results of my 1st attempt! What do you think?

Melted Crayon Art

Super cool abstract art that is easy to do yourself

While I think it is not perfect I do think it is a great start to some fun and neat art work that I will proudly display! I did learn a few things as I went along.  1st and foremost…it can get very messy so be sure to extend your protected work area well beyond what you 1st think is enough.  I can say I should have covered more area than I did. I also learned that I should color coördinate the crayons and not go for the miss match I went for in this piece.

Melted Crayon Art work

How it looks after crayons were removed

Here are a few of the sites I used as inspiration and tutorials for my project.

Paging Fun Mums

Savoring The Good

City Girl Meets Country Boy



If you know me I love wine so that is the theme that I used for my Melted Crayon Art Project.  I have a Cricut machine so I had it cut my wine bottle and wine glass.

I set the 2 templates on my canvas and taped off, with blue painters tape, the area that I wanted to stay white.

Use Painters tape

Tape off the area you do not want the crayon to go. And tape the glues crayons to the canvas

I laid out my crayons in the order I wanted to have the colors run on my canvas.  I used a hot glue gun to hold them all together. Then taped the crayons to the top of my canvas.  (When I do my next one I think I will attach them to a piece of cardboard as suggested by “City Girl Meets Country Boy” )

Now for the fun part! Set your canvas up so that they melted crayons can freely run vertically down the canvas. Take your hairdryer on the hottest heat setting and lowest air speed to start melting your crayons.  You can increase the air speed as you get more comfortable.  Warning though the higher the air speed the messier the project gets.

Using hairdryer to melt crayons

Melting the Crayons with a hairdryer

Once you are happy with the melting process lay the canvas flat for a minute or so to make sure the melted crayon has cooled. Remove the crayons and the tape.

I found that there were some areas the crayons melted that I wanted to keep white so I just dabbed with white paint to clean it up a bit.

I then attached my wine bottle and wine glass with glue, and painted my wording on the top.

I sure hope I made this tutorial easy to follow.  I would love to here what your create mind comes up with on variations of this.


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