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Restored Thrift Store Vase into a Stunning Piece of Art

This restored thrift store vase is absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to show you how I did is! I have totally become obsessed with this new gel stain called Unicorn SPiT, so it is no wonder that this is what I used for this project.  The thing is, this water based stain was designed to be used on so many things including wood, glass, canvas, fabric and so much more.  Furthermore it is non toxic and incredibly forgiving so if you make a mistake or you just don’t like how your project came out you can just wash it off (at least you can wash it off most surfaces…I’m not certain it will come out of fabric or canvases). But either way, mistakes are all apart of the character of art pieces.

Restored Thrift Store Vase

You too can create a stunning master piece from a plain thrift store vase using Unicorn SPiT


The things you will need for your very own restored thrift store vase:

  • Clear Thrift Store Vase of your choice (or you can use one you already own)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Paper Towel
  • masking tape
  • Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Waterproof Sealer,
  • craft painting sponge brush
  • Gold Metallic Spray Paint
  • Unicorn SPiT (3 or 4 colors of choice)
  • Paint Brushes(preferably a flat head)
  • Krylon Lacquer (indoor/outdoor)
  • newspaper or plastic to protect your surroundings
Restore Thrift Store Vase

Be sure to clean your vase with Alcohol before painting.

Now the fun begins! How to Restore a Thrift Store Vase


First of all, pour a little alcohol on the paper towel and clean your vase to remove any oils that may have built up on the surface.

Tape the inner edge of the vase to help keep it clean from the paint.

Next, using the craft sponge brush paint a thin layer of mod podge over the outside of the vase. I would recommend not doing the bottom of the vase. And, let dry (dry time will depend on how thick you paint the mod podge).

us-vase12-wm us-vase10-wm



















Due to the harsh vapors you will want to take your vase to a well ventilated room (like a garage) or outside.  Protect your surrounding with newspaper or plastic.  Lightly spray the outside of the vase with the gold metallic spray paint (don’t forget to shake the can really well for about 2 minutes). Yet, it is ok if the vase isn’t completely solid with the gold. Let Dry (30 minutes or so).

us-vase11-wm us-vase9-wm



















Now the part you’ve been dying to do…playing with the Unicorn SPiT!

Shake your SPiT well. Pick your 1st color and put a small amount on a paper plate or piece of plastic. Using a flat paint brush start painting streaks vertically down the vase.  Skip over a couple of inches to paint another streak of the same color until you have 3-5 streaks. Do this with each of the colors you have chosen until your vase is fully cover (or at least mostly…it’s ok if you have missed spots). Don’t worry about over lapping the colors…this is part of what make this look so awesome! But be sure to rinse your brush in between colors.

Now that all colors have been applied rinse your brush one more time, dry well with a paper towel or use another brush (I used a fairly loose dry brush for this part). go down the streaks to blend the colors together a little.  If the colors are too dry to blend use a slightly damp brush to help reactivate the Unicorn SPiT. Let dry completely.

Meanwhile you will notice that the Unicorn SPiT dries very dull looking…this is normal so don’t worry that something went wrong!




Once again take your vase to a well ventilated area or outside.  Spray a light coat of Krylon Lacquer…do you see it! Do you see the colors come to life?! Isn’t is amazing?! Ok let this coat dry and spray with a 2nd coat of Lacquer.

Restore a Thrift Store Vase

Restored Thrift Store Vase

Since you’ve made it this far tell me what do you think in the comment section. Furthermore, are you ready to give this project a shot? The glory to this tutorial is that you don’t have to limit yourself to…you don’t have to restore a thrift store vase you could use the same technique on a lamp, or turn wine glasses into candle holders! The possibilities are abundant.

In conclusion, I have a favor …Tell me in the comments what ideas you have to transform or restore.

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8 thoughts on “Restored Thrift Store Vase with Unicorn SPiT

  • Sue

    I remember seeing a DIY project where vases were painted on the inside with several different colors in a ‘swirl’ type design. Was that something you did?

    • karenneill Post author

      Hi Sue,
      Sorry for not getting back to you on your question sooner I was out of the country with no internet access. But anyway I have seen that done with enamel paints or nail polish but I did not do the tutorial on it. It actually would not work with the Unicorn Spit because you need the oil base sealer to bring out the pop in the color so I think the end result would not be as appealing when done on the inside of the glass.

    • karenneill Post author

      The Mod Podge is for both the metallic and the Unicorn SPiT to adhere to the glass more affectively. The Metallic is really more of a background color. So any spots that were not covered with the Unicorn SPiT show through with the silver. I have seen the Unicorn SPiT without the metallic under and it is still beautiful.

    • karenneill Post author

      This is an easy project for large quantities! I did the same concept on about 30 glass Christmas ornaments for my family this year. My biggest issue was it turned cold quicker than I was ready so I had to wait a few extra days to add the sealer.